Auto Cabana Corporation

1215 S. I-35E
DeSoto, TX 75115

Financing options available from Auto Cabana Corporation

Prime Lender Financing

The best option for people with good credit. We can use the lender of your choice, or recommend one of our preferred lenders depending on your financing needs

Sub-Prime Lender Financing

This option is good for people with not so good credit. We have several options depending on factors like credit, income, job stability, etc.

In-House Financing (Buy Here Pay Here)

We will finance anybody, regardless of their credit history. This option is perfect for people with bad credit, or for people who don't want to provide a lot of papers or wait for approvals from lenders. Our usual requirements are having a steady income and a verifiable address. Down payments for in-house financing are usually 40%-50% of the vehicle price, with some exceptions.